Mobile Strategies for Digital Publishing

February 17, 2015

MobileCover-350x450My new report, Mobile Strategies for Digital Publishing, is available now from all of the online ebookstores.



A Digital Education

June 5, 2013

The 20th anniversary issue of Wired magazine is a digital education, perhaps the best one I know. Self-congratulatory anniversary issues tend to be flaccid stuff, but this one is chock-a-block full of goodies, many by they-were-there journalists. I enjoyed the issue first as a trip down memory lane. Wired magazine, particularly in its first few years, deeply influenced my understanding and appreciation of the digital culture in which I was then immersed. When Conde Nast bought Wired they settled it down in ways that didn’t settle well with me, although unquestionably it continued to provide some of the best journalism afforded to the high-tech industry. (more…)

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Cloud Computing and the Future of Publishing

July 22, 2012

Last winter The Green Sheet, a printing industry newsletter, published my contrarian look at the hype surrounding cloud computing. The topic continues to spread across all industries as ever-increasingly the software we use moves from dedicated single-use installed applications to shared network resources. This, I argue, is big news for vendors selling cloud-based services. It’s not nearly as important for the rest of us. (more…)

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Take Two Tablets Before Bed…and Fifty PCs

July 8, 2011

I suggest to publishers and the software vendors serving them that they take 25 PCs for every tablet they want to ingest because that will be the ratio of PCs in use around the world for each tablet (by December/2012).

All Things Digital today recharged the iPad hype engine with its article “Tablet of Choice for Android Users: The iPad.”

It’s designed to be a startling headline, and it only makes sense. (more…)

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U.S. Plans Cybershield for Utilities & Companies

July 8, 2010

The Wall Street Journal broke the story today, starting off with “The federal government is launching an expansive program dubbed ‘Perfect Citizen’ to detect cyber assaults on private companies and government agencies running such critical infrastructure as the electricity grid and nuclear-power plants, according to people familiar with the program.”

Perfect Citizen! Don’t you just love it. “I wanna be a perfect citizen.” A perfect cyber citizen.

Johnny, if you don’t clean up your cyber citizen behavior you’re grounded.


That aside, what intrigues me about the report is that last week’s The Economist had a compelling briefing on the threat of cyberwar (the story is not yet behind its cyber firewall). Because I’d read the Economist editorial and article before today’s announcement, I’m not alarmed by the “big brother” angle that predictably has so many fulminating (already over 500 Google links to “cyber ‘perfect citizen’ ‘big brother'”). So was The Economist put up to the story? Or did U.S. government officials realize that after The Economist has already sold the threat to 90% of key U.S. (and international) decision-makers, it would be an opportune moment to leak the story?

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