Take Two Tablets Before Bed…and Fifty PCs

July 8, 2011

I suggest to publishers and the software vendors serving them that they take 25 PCs for every tablet they want to ingest because that will be the ratio of PCs in use around the world for each tablet (by December/2012).

All Things Digital today recharged the iPad hype engine with its article “Tablet of Choice for Android Users: The iPad.”

It’s designed to be a startling headline, and it only makes sense. (more…)

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Smartphones and Tablets Could Doom Netbooks

January 7, 2010

Above is the headline in a tiny article in today’s New York Times.

I reference it because it states what I believe to be true: “Stuck between the still-evolving smartphone and the emerging tablet computer, the netbook computer would seem to be doomed.”

It’s not so much that I necesarily feel that the NetBook is doomed, but I am certain that the evolution in portable computing devices is increasing at a very rapid pace.

There have been a slew of announcements of new eBook-type devices this week at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. And a slew of other tablets, and other types of non-traditional portable computing devices. When I first heard the iPhone called “a portable computer” I thought it was hyperbole. Now that I use one, I see that it is true. But changes to the form factor are still required, and those changes are imminent.

By the end of 2010 our notion of a portable computing devices will have changed drastically.

Stay tuned.

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