Barnes & Noble’s Largest UK Partner Also Sells Kindle, Kobo & Sony

August 30, 2012

Aside from being able to say “I told you so” I’m not quite sure why Barnes & Noble separated its UK reseller partner announcements by two days. The first announcement on August 28 rated low for impact: John Lewis has only 37 stores and already shills for Barnes & Noble’s competitors Amazon and Kobo. (more…)

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Barnes & Noble’s First UK Partner Also Sells Kindle & Kobo

August 28, 2012

I’ve got a soft spot for well-run employee-owned companies, so John Lewis is my kind of firm. Founded in 1864, the company’s 81,000 employees are all partners in an enterprise with 29 department stores, 8 at home shops, 283 Waitrose supermarkets and the John Lewis online and catalog business. The combined operation has annual gross sales of over £8.7 billion. It ranks very near the top of U.K. favorite retailers, while winning top spot for service. The 2012 Tempkin Loyalty Rankings place it significantly ahead of Amazon. (more…)

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The Truth about New Business Models for Book Publishing

August 15, 2012

It was just luck that I stumbled into the best session of the entire BookExpo last June in New York. The session was outside of the main program and it hadn’t been promoted. But I was between meetings and the title “CEO Panel on New Business Models” sounded pretty good. (more…)

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21 Bacon Dessert Recipes You’ll Wish You Had Tried Sooner

August 11, 2012

That’s the full title. It’s not just “21 Bacon Dessert Recipes.” It’s “21 Bacon Dessert Recipes That You’ll Wish You Would Have Tried Sooner (Diane’s Desserts Series).” I’m not sure if you would have wished you tried them sooner if you had discovered the recipes in this book, but now you may wish you’d tried them sooner as Amazon has removed Diane Dixon’s book from sale. (more…)


President Obama’s Metadata Problem

August 7, 2012

When the word started circulating that I was born in Toronto, Canada and merely a dual Canadian/US citizen it dashed my hopes of being elected president of the United States. But the furor was nothing compared to what President Obama has been subjected to in proving his birth in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961 (Gosh. He’s 5 years younger than I am.) (more…)

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