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July 26th, 2023

Improved Productivity is the Reason Publishers Must Adopt AI

Yesterday Lagardère Publishing released its six-month financial data. Sales declined at Hachette Book Group by 8.6%. In its earnings release the company said that “operational efficiency plans, particularly in the United States,” mitigated some of the impact of revenue declines. In May, HarperCollins reported flat sales and profits declines, “driven by ongoing supply chain, inventory…

June 9th, 2023

AI and Book Publishing: Another Step on the Journey

Last Monday Publishers Weekly issued my article “A Manifesto, of Sorts” about AI and book publishing (titled “AI Is About to Turn Book Publishing Upside-Down” in the online version). The article has been popular, even earning some buzz on LinkedIn and Twitter (in fact, more than I’ve ever had). I’ve been doing this for a…

May 26th, 2023

What Happens When AI Reads a Book?

I’m borrowing this title from another newsletter deliberately — there’s no need to try to improve on it. It gives me a chance to alert my readers to the person who I think is the finest commentator on practical AI — Ethan Mollick, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, who…