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September 24th, 2009

Four Funerals and a Birthday

I was asked tonight by a friend the simple, “How’s it going?” I’m generally in a positive mood and responded: “Times are still tough, but I remain optimistic about the future of publishing.” It’s later now and I got to thinking: There are still more deaths than births in the publishing business. And that can…

May 25th, 2008

The Financial Crisis: An Interview with George Soros

I am not an economist (thank God), but have always been fascinated and perplexed by sudden changes in the economy and their secondary effects. I’ve just updated my article on “Current Economics and the Future of Publishing,” using my admittedly limited knowledge to make some modest observations on how the current economic crisis in the…

September 15th, 2007

The Strength of the Canadian Economy

The Canadian dollar, after many years trading as low as 62 cents on the American dollar, has now reached a point of near-parity: closing just above 97 cents yesterday. In an article in the Globe and Mail, BMO Nesbitt Burns deputy chief economist Douglas Porter said “The latest run in the Loonie has been fuelled…