Calligraphy and the Future of Publishing, Part II

April 9, 2009

Last night I wrote to the calligrapher featured in my previous entry:

Dear Mr. Karimaei,

PLEASE do let me know if I’ve posted it incorrectly!

Today I received the response from Mr. Karimaei:

“I write another two your name’s script in two style of Persian Calligraphy that you can replace in the previous script because these have better quality.”


Here they are:


And #2:


Beautiful, no?

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Calligraphy and the Future of Publishing

April 7, 2009

Last Saturday I had the unexpected pleasure of attending a festival in Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver welcoming in the Iranian New Year, sponsored by the Canadian Iranian Foundation. My friend Jill and I wandered through the damp ground to booths and stalls, stopping briefly to meet Massoud Karimaei, a master calligrapher. I watched him work his art and then engaged his attention. He offered to render “Thad McIlroy” in Farsi calligraphic script. The result is just below (I sure hope I haven’t got it upside down!).


Such a beautiful image! As the printed word undergoes so many dramatic changes, there is something deeply heartening in observing an artist practicing his written craft.