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Mobile Strategies for Digital Publishing

A Practical Guide to the Evolving Landscape

By Thad McIlroy

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The Metadata Handbook

A book publisher's guide to creating and distributing metadata for print and ebooks

By Renée Register & Thad McIlroy

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  • Sep. 05, 2018

    Blockchain on my Mind

    Oh, bitcoin… bitcoin No peace I find Just an old sweet song Keeps blockchain on my mind

  • In the Cathedral Not quite invisible, the slow-time-gathering dust falls upon the choir, where stalls sing silently during the sermon. It tells of a Saviour who came to save this world so to leave it sublime. What happened? Did He change His mind? —David Beard, 1987

  • Only a wealthy man could lament, as Len Riggio did yesterday that “the average paperback costs two and a half times the minimum wage. When I started,” he said “it was one half the minimum wage.” Speaking at the opening of Book Expo in New York Riggio said that the high prices of books is impeding a new […]

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