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Here’s a QuickStart for this site: The column on the left lists the industries which I believe comprise publishing today. Below that are some of the influences that are changing publishing, and the impact of those changes. Click on a topic, whether it’s your sector or just a topic that interests you, and you’ll begin […]


Mobile Strategies for Digital Publishing

A Practical Guide to the Evolving Landscape

By Thad McIlroy

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The Metadata Handbook

A book publisher's guide to creating and distributing metadata for print and ebooks

By Renée Register & Thad McIlroy

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  • The upside of predicting a downturn in the economy is that eventually you’ll be right. The downside is that while the party’s still in full swing you’re just the grouchy guy in the corner, scowling at the other guests. I’ve been calling for the current stock market sell-off for a couple of years now, and […]

  • Sep. 05, 2018

    Blockchain on my Mind

    Oh, bitcoin… bitcoin No peace I find Just an old sweet song Keeps blockchain on my mind

  • In the Cathedral Not quite invisible, the slow-time-gathering dust falls upon the choir, where stalls sing silently during the sermon. It tells of a Saviour who came to save this world so to leave it sublime. What happened? Did He change His mind? —David Beard, 1987

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