NFTs Come to Publishing at PageBreak

October 28th, 2022

The new PageBreak 2022 Conference launched in San Francisco Wednesday night with a reception at the Internet Archive and a delightful tour of the facility by the amazing Brewster Kahle.

Here’s the conference program.

I’m presenting Friday on my new pet topic: NFTs and publishing. The session description is “NFTs, blockchain, crypto, Web 3 are all the buzz in publishing today, and this late-breaking session will drill down on these often-mystifying technologies.”

The PageBreak sessions are mostly 20 minutes. I’ll be interested is this TikTok-style approach to conference session timing will prove to be of our time, or just too damn short. I’m finalizing my presentation now: 27 slides — that’s surely too many. There are so many different theories as to the amount of time that should be devoted to each slide in a short presentation, but this feels like overkill. We’ll see.

The conference organizers, a stalwart group of volunteer industry veterans, will be posting all the conference presentations, in multiple versions, but, for the impatient, here it is.