Eoin Purcell’s Blog: One of the Best

January 5th, 2010

From Dublin, Ireland comes Eoin Purcell’s Blog, one of the best blogs on where publishing is heading, albeit with a primary focus on book publishing.

Today’s delightful entry, “My 2009 Publishing Heroes” is to me a fine example of the web at its best. Through this blog entry I was introduced to five new thinkers whom I had not previously encountered and to their great blogs.

I’m having the most fun with Mike Cane’s “The eBook Test.” Purcell describes it thus: “Cane provides solid analysis (caked as it can sometimes be in vitriolic hyperbole). His vision is not even remotely tainted by the fact that it comes solidly from a writers perspective, in fact in many ways that is his strength. Too much for some, he is never shy with his opinion but willing to respond when challenged and corrected.”

Found in this entry is a perfect quotation for our times:

“Just because people are experiencing things doesn’t mean they have any insight into them.”
          — from Bellwether by Connie Willis

It reminds me of another favorite of mine:

“A tradition is only an innovation that worked.”
         — The Economist, April 12-03