Beware What You Share, You Will Get #twaxed

October 8th, 2009 A fun site discovered today that clearly points to the downside of Tweeting. (1-1-2012 – now gone)

According to the FAQ:

Why is my Tweet on

Your Tweet got #twaxed because it is absurdly ridiculous, completely inappropriate, or highly entertaining.

What is this site?

With your help, we post and then rank the most ridiculous, inappropriate, and entertaining Tweets submitted to Twitter. Rank Tweets by selecting either #thumbsup or #thumbsdown. You may also comment on the Tweets.

A few samples:


adamisacson: Hi. I’m in a staff meeting. There are 83 ceiling tiles in our meeting room. And 8 light fixtures, with 24 fluorescent bulbs. That is all.


Rapieress: My son picked the number 69 as his football number. He couldn’t understand why no one wanted it. I let his Dad explain. His last name is Cox.


AMMOpro: The hardest part about having your haircut by a tranny, is deciding whether or not to be aroused.


gordonshumway: So if someone invites you to their wedding, it’s apparently bad form to say “Sorry I can’t make it but I’ll come to your next one”.

So be careful with your Tweets!