There is No New Media

October 24th, 2008

I was greatly inspired today to encounter this quotation from YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley at the MIPCOM Conference in Cannes, France on October 15th:

“There is no old media. There is no new media. There is one media with one common purpose; to inform, move and inspire the world through information, art and entertainment.”

MIPCOM is billed as “The World’s Audio/Visual Conference” so of course it was an appropriate venue for Mr. Hurley to speak.

His speech is transcribed on this blog, and it’s well worth reading for Hurley’s insights into online video and the ongoing challenge of digital rights management associated with this controversial topic.

As reassuring as the comment above is his remark “From the printing press to the blog, from the record player to the iPod, and from the stage to the home theater, the way content has been produced, distributed and consumed in the world is constantly evolving.”

Are we on the same page?

Hurley’s exposition of the YouTube business model and its ideas around digital rights management in this most contentious field make it well worth reading the entire transcript.