Barnes & Noble: The Analysts Speak, Part 1

April 17, 2012 by Thad McIlroy

As part of the research for my study of Barnes & NobleStripping Covers off The Hunger Games: How 7 Billionaires are Deciding the Future of Book Publishing in America, I considered the wise views of the Wall Street analysts who have the task of following the company and forecasting its fate on the financial markets. I grouped them as “Positive” or “Negative” — most seemed to fall on one side of the fence or the other. I began my coverage with early 2011. Today I report on the boosters, showing their ratings and comments wherever possible. Tomorrow I’ll add the naysayers below.

Their ratings code is arcane for the novice. If you’re interested in exploring further, Investopia offers definitions.

N = Neutral
H = Hold
U = Underperform
B = Buy
W = Underweight


Here are the optimists’ ratings:

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April 18, Part 2: The Naysayers

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