Do I Love Books or Do I Love Reading?

August 10, 2009 by Thad McIlroy

“Do I love books or do I love reading?” is the question posed by Ann Kirshner in her thoughtful and well-written article on The Chronicle of Higher Education web site.

Kirshner writes: “When my book group picked Little Dorrit, I found myself asking that question….I decided to read Little Dorrit four ways: paperback, audiobook, Kindle, and iPhone.”

I’ll not break the suspense of her well-considered conclusions.

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  • Danny Bloom

    Aug 22nd, 2009 : 7:39 PM

    Thanks for this heads up. Actually, I found this essay via your blog, that is how I first “stumbled upon” ur site and great insites (insights too) into all this. I read her very good essay and then called her at her office in NYC. She is stuyding my screening vs. reading ideas now and will get back to me, she said, at the end of the summer, as she is ‘travelling’ now. Very good essay. I will stick with the paperback. Audio is good for driving in car, like radio, nice. Screening it, no way. I prefer paper reading. Screens suck! Let’s admit it. Screening sucks! It is going to be the ruin of our civilization. SIGH. It’s just tech companies who want to make money, profits, there is NO NEED for a KINDLE or e-books. Paper books are fine. More than fine, says this Luddite in Taiwan living in a cave, by choice. SMILE