The Eco-Calculator Widget

January 14, 2009 by Thad McIlroy

Found this interesting new widget this morning while waiting for a phone call. It’s available here.

There’s a section of this site on The Impact of Environmentalism on the Future of Publishing. I’ve outlined the issues there, but I see it’s due for an update and some extra information I’ve been collecting on the story.

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  • Michael Jaffe

    Sep 10th, 2009 : 8:43 AM

    You have a popup that appears directly over the eco-calculator. Any way to remove it?

  • Thad McIlroy

    Sep 10th, 2009 : 8:37 PM

    Thanks for pointing that out. I had not realized that you and others would be subjected to Google ads when I installed it. If I pay them $150/year there will be no more ads…I prefer not to support this sort of blackmail, and as you can see, the widget is flawed anyway (can’t see the bottom of it).

    Let’s just think of it as an example of a potentially clever idea, rather than a clever idea per se.