The Kids Won’t Let Me Burn My Books

October 22nd, 2010

Daddy: Please don’t burn the books. Then there won’t be any books in the house and I kind of like them.

Some folks dined recently with Ross Dawson. Dawson apparently wrote his future-of-publishing-themed blog entry while dining. Here’s a snippet:

A critical issue is the physical space that books take. Some have tried to get rid of all the book (sic) in their house, but find that their children then don’t have books around them and are looking for them. Others recognize that their extensive home libraries are a ‘wank’ in that their primary function is to impress visitors.

Copyright 1971 by James Broom-Lynne

Copyright 1971 by James Broom-Lynne

Hmm. While Anthony Powell famously wrote that “Books Do Furnish a Room,” my books have a more functional role. I read them.

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