Some Excellent Jobs at the World Bank

December 29th, 2009

I found an intriguing employment ad while catching up in my reading of The Economist. The World Bank in Washington has four challenging openings for publishing technologists, including:

  1. Senior Publishing Officer/Marketing Manager
  2. Publishing Officer/Electronic Publishing Development/Content Expert
  3. Publishing Officer/Electronic Publishing Development/Technical Expert
  4. Publishing Associate/Web Editor/Project Manager

Except for job #4, which is defined as a “local hire,” the other three are classified as “international hires,” which, while I cannot find a clear definition on the site, implies to me that you can apply if you’re a citizen of any of the 186 countries that are members of the World Bank (although proficiency in English is described as “Essential” for each position).

Read the descriptions. They all strike me as extremely challenging and provided the level of bureaucracy is tolerable, possibly even fun. Good salaries and benefits no doubt.

The deadline is January 17, 2010. Good luck!

(PS: If the specific verbose links to the actual job descriptions do not work for you, as they do not now appear to work for me, the original advert suggests going to and then wading through that for awhile.)