Book Publishing and DRM

November 29th, 2009

Mike Shatzkin once again nails a tough topic with his blog posting, “Some thoughts about piracy.” DRM remains a tough subject for all, be they music, film, periodical or book publishers. Of course each face the challenge in somewhat different ways, both by dint of economics and because of practical realities.

As Mike points out, “the question of DRM-or-not in the ebook world is a very complicated one, although opponents of DRM often paint it as very simple.” Of course it’s not.

For fiction writers, not currently thinking of their text as subject to revision, the problem looms large. But for non-fiction authors, as Mike points out “every editor knows plenty of authors of non-fiction books that wanted to keep writing and changing and adding past every deadline the house presented. Let the new process start with those; there will be plenty of candidates.” Quoting the generally on-topic Tim O’Reilly, Mike notes, “obscurity is a greater threat to most authors than piracy.”

Check out (and subscribe) to Mike’s blog. It’s always thought-provoking. And as all topics on the future of publishing are intertwined, you will always be informed.