Nokia Shows its First Netbook

September 2nd, 2009

nokia-booklet-3g-pressThere isn’t a whole lot of data on this ZDNet posting, but the news is larger than the data.

Nokia is showing (off) its first netbook, the Booklet 3G, at a trade show in Germany.

Here’s what I don’t care about the announcement:

  • there are lots of competing netbooks on the market already
  • most are significant cheaper than Nokia’s
  • some have better specs

Here’s what I do care about Nokia’s announcement:

  • Nokia is the world’s most successful manufacturer and distributor of cellphones
  • Nokia’s R&D is widely-considered the finest amongst all of its competitors
  • The rumors of what Apple will do next (post iPhone) are reaching a speculative crescendo
  • I believe strongly in the movement to get as much functionality as possible into a single electronic device: I don’t believe in dedicated eBook readers

I can’t tell you what exactly to make of this product announcement other than: stay tuned…there are more surprises just around the corner.