The Future of Graphic Design

June 26th, 2009

As you would perhaps imagine, it’s an enormous task to keep this site relevant and up-to-date. I made a choice years ago: in order to detail the future of publishing I would examine a very wide swathe of industries and influences. To my great surprise, Google Analytics consistently noted that my article on the future of graphic design was one of my most-often read articles.

I’d never considered it one of my better analyses, but seeing its popularity, I knew it required an update. I’ve posted the update this evening.

Looking to other sources for information on the topic I was surprised to find a paucity of articles that address the broad issues. From my reading over the years I know that there are numerous commentators far better informed than I who examine various aspects of the topic. But apparently very few take in on in toto. I was greatly surprised to find my article from late 2008 at the head of the Google list. So I felt a huge obligation to update the piece. It’s intended more for a general audience interested in this key aspect of the future of publishing than for thoughtful designers themselves.

Please let me know which of my observations fall short of the reality you encounter on this key topic.