37 Lessons From the 37th FIPP World Magazine Congress

May 12th, 2009

Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni and Bob Sacks are the two leading eminences grise(s) of the magazines and newspapers publishing industries. But neither are gray in their outlook: both have refreshingly positive attitudes as to where things are heading.

Dr. Husni’s recent blog entry, “37 good things I have learned from the 37th FIPP World Magazine Congress” is a bright breath of fresh air.

All 37 bear a scan. My favorites are:

1. It is important to adapt a long-term perspective and to accept the short-term decline.
11. Continue to invest in valuable editorial content. Content others can’t replicate.
12. If all publishers agree to charge for content, what would Google do?
19. Do not call the established media traditional media; call it Analog.
37. Ten years from now we will remember the current situation as one of the greatest financial opportunities in the history of our magazine industry.

Certainly it’s refreshing to be reminded that some very smart and experienced commentators don’t feel that periodicals are doomed.