Update on the Future of Magazines

November 17th, 2008

I’ve just posted an update to the article in Industries: Magazines.

This was a tough one. Just as I’d finish a new version, and before I could post it, new data would emerge forcing a further revision.

The main changes in this version are:

1. I’ve tried to expand my definition of “magazines” to include the broader range of periodicals. People magazine doesn’t represent the whole state of magazine publishing any more than does the Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery. While the site is mainly concerned with the link between magazine publishing and advertising, I’m fast realizing that this link extends well beyond consumer magazines.

2. For this reason I’ve also included a section on Small and Literary Magazines/Journals, which escape the radar of most analysts. Later I’ll also examine in more depth controlled-circulation “lifestyle magazines” and scholarly journals.

3. My major task was to update the section on New Digital Formats for Magazines. This subject has blossomed in the last several years and was overdue for an update.

Please have a look at the article, and as always, let me know or any errors or omissions (or even send along a kind word or two!).