Advertising Rules the Web

October 24th, 2007

Well, I’ve been blog-tied (that’s like “hog-tied”) because I just have not known what to write about on this blog for the last few weeks. Just when one story seemed more important than Darwinism, along came another, and before I knew it I was struck speechless (much to the pleasure of the creationists).

But one theme seems to keep creeping up on me, relentlessly I’d say, and that theme is what’s happening with advertising on the Web. In a phrase, it’s about the only important development in play right now.

I, perhaps more than some, prefer to perceive the Web as a multi-headed beast, and relegate advertising to but one of its heads. But at this point in Web history, advertising appears to be the thing that matters (if we ignore the ad-laden Web 2.0 social networking sites).

More and more traditional advertisers are either turning the bulk of their budgets to the Web, or all of their budgets to the Web, or making a last brave statement as to why they are not doing so. Each is quotable.

I’m in the midst of a major revision of my Industry section on Advertising. Thus far I’ve added (to me) some fascinating details on who are the major spenders on Web ads (according to NeilsenNetratings). They aren’t your usual suspects.

Let the story unfold.