It Ain’t Heavy, It’s My e-Book!

June 25th, 2007

My current section on e-books (from way back on May 1) expresses many of my misgivings over their genesis and development. I also took note of their apparent impending return. Since then there’s a ton of data (mostly press releases of course) to suggest that a more important comeback is afoot, greater than I had previously gleaned. So I will have to update that section, and presumably get past what Cool Hand Luke suffered as some kind of “failure to communicate.”

In the meantime, I make note merely of the following: Sony’s latest e-book incarnation weighs 9 ounces (up several ounces from its original spec — though I admit I’ve gained weight in that time also). But I’m on my second Sony VAIO, a svelte and very capable 1.8 lb. computer.

I’d been waiting for a photo like this, recently gleaned from a Sony spammail, showing the two devices side-by-side¦

(May 4, 2008)…sadly, the photo disappeared during the last rework of my website architecture. I offer instead a photo of a gentleman on an airplane sitting with the reader…looks about the size of my VAIO…


I’m still waiting for the convincing argument as to why I’d add this e-Book to my existing arsenal of VAIOs and the (ever-frustrating) TREO. Stay tuned.